Calvert School – Field House & Squash Court

Scope of Work

Exterior Storefront, Doors and Hardware, Interior Storefront

The Situation

New construction projects for schools are typically on very tight deadlines and need to be completed by the start of the school year. Facing supply chain issues, and the extended lead times on aluminum and glass, getting accurate shop drawings approved quickly and ordering material is critical. Because of lead times, a lot of times companies are caught in a holding pattern until it is time to begin fabrication. To stay on schedule fabrication must be done quickly and efficiently while maintaining high quality.


LGM invested in new CNC fabrication technology in early 2022, allowing the project to fabricated in days rather than weeks. The quality machine-cut-accuracy frames allows for faster installation. The technology also generates glass sizes automatically, cutting down on any errors and the need for reorders.

As a result of this investment, LGM completed the installation on schedule before the school year began.