Anne Arundel County School System (Five Locations)

Scope of Work

Exterior Storefront, Doors and Hardware, Interior Storefront, Childgard Safety Glass

The Situation

Due to the heighted attention around safety in schools, Anne Arundel County has been replacing outdated entrances with new upgraded storefront systems and reinforcing exterior glass with Childgard Safety Glass. The advantage of Childgard is it takes 17 minutes longer to gain access through glass, slowing intruders so students and facility can reach safety and emergency services arrive.

Since the schools are occupied, removing the existing storefront was not an option. LGM and contractor met at each location and put together an action plan that would allow for the schools to remain secure after each day work was completed. If any material had to reordered the entire project would be delayed, leaving the entrances to schools unsecured. This was not an option and required no room for error.


With demolition and reinstall projects, being adaptable is crucial and communication is key. You also must have the ability to react quickly and accurately. LGM successfully installed Childgard glass and updated storefront systems, allowing for the elementary schools to be a safer place for children.